One of the greatest crime against a woman is RAPE. Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS) may result in the disruption of the normal physical, emotional, cognitive and personal behaviour. The emotional wounds inflicted so deep may scar an entire lifetime.

Even today, while our social outlook appears to have become modern, a rape victim continues to be subjected to situations and stimuli that cause the victim to encounter events from the past over and over again. Emotional upheaval of memories causes the victim to relive a trauma from the past, percolating into the present and future. A rape victim’s quest for justice is usually an arduous waiting game and an agonizing ordeal to endure. Many victims prefer to end their pitiable lives than suffering social stigma.

Shilpa Menon, through her novel, conveys a message that hope can be found at the vanishing point of the horizon.That the journey of life does not end just because of a horrific event that occurred in the past.That love is a powerful healer. That the journey of self-discovery can bring about in the life a rape victim, a healing transformation, a transcendence that emboldens the victim into a victor.This book is about awakening that subtle process of healing within, through which the victim overcomes a series of traumatic scars inflicted by events from the past and an enlightening journey of reinventing a broken life to one that has a steadfast purpose.

Scars Do Heal, a work of fiction, drapes a profound story around the life of Sonal Kapoor, an entrepreneur who puts her heart and soul into reviving her florist’s store in London. She is a doting daughter who wants to do a lot for her mother, but simply can’t find the time. Sonal has a difficult past – one that she sought to overcome in her move from India to London. And yet, something or the other keeps the trauma alive. Until Dr. Ryan Percy enters her life. A chance encounter at their neighbourhood convenience store leads from one thing to the next – and eventually, Sonal is challenged in ways she never thought would be possible. Dr. Percy is everything one can expect in the man of their dreams – and he comes with a painful past, too. Does Sonal heal or hurt more? Does love conquer all? Shilpa Menon is from idyllic Mauritius. She has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. After working for a few years in the petroleum industry, she pursued her entrepreneurial ambitions and founded her own luxury lifestyle brand. Her business is into a range of niche lifestyle products that are friendly to the environment, educational aids, tools and toys for children. Her other interests include baking, painting, photography, travelling and reading. Her quest for the eclectic and an unquenched desire to walk down a road less travelled lead her to finding her passion in writing fiction.

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